Lodging at Lake Junaluska

Lake Junaluska provides a variety of lodging options in order to meet different budget points. Lodging is available in hotel style rooms at The Terrace and Lambeth Inn, motel style rooms in Hillside Lodge, dormitory style rooms at Mountainview Lodge and Sunnyside Lodge, the campground, and privately owned rental houses, apartments, and condominiums. All lodging must be booked directly with Lake Junaluska. Please use this link or call 800.222.4930.

Lodging Rates

*Please note that all prices are in US dollars ($).


 $484 single occupancy; $242 double occupancy


Renovated: $440 single occupancy; $220 double occupancy

Unrenovated: $396 single occupancy; $198 double occupancy

Hillside Lodge/ Apartments 

$320 single occupancy; $160 double occupancy


 $ 231 single occupany; $151 double occupancy; $120 triple occupancy (3 beds); $111 quad occupancy (4 beds)

  • Please note that these prices does not include program fees or meal plans. Find more about those here.
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Other Accomodations

Contact Lake Junaluska to find out about other accommodations.