About Us

Who is Outdoor Ministries Connection (OMC)?

OMC is a consortium of mainline denominational camp and retreat associations. The current associations that are participating, but will not be limited to: Episcopal Camps and Conference Centers, Lutheran Outdoor Ministries, Presbyterian Camps & Conference Center Association, Outdoor Ministry Association of the Church of the Brethren, Outdoor Ministry Association of the United Church of Christ, Presbyterian Church Camp and Conference Association, and United Methodist Camp and Retreat Ministries.

OMC Purpose

Outdoor Ministries Connection provides open space for developing ecumenical relationships and shared perspective while coordinating collaborative efforts among our associations.

The BIG idea is to gather all the mainline denominational camp and retreat associations for one large conference. In a time of denominational decline, superfast technological innovation and a reorganizing of institutions into individualized networks – we are experiencing a shift of culture. Outdoor Ministries absolutely can be a force in molding how God’s people journey into the future. We will be stronger together sharing best practices and supporting each other for the shift. In this light we introduce the idea ofthe “Great Outdoor Ministry Gathering” themed RelationSHIFT, recognizing that we gather in the Holy Spirit to share our various gifts, finding common ground in this changing landscape we will journey together.

Why Is It Important?

This event will bring together innovative outdoor ministry partners of mainline denominations (600-800 people) to build relationships, discover each other’s gifts, and equip vital ministries to meet the emerging needs of God’s people.