Exhibitor and Sponsorship Opportunities

For the first time in history, a large group of mainline Christian denominations will be coming together
for a joint conference. This includes the Methodists, Presbyterians, Lutherans, Episcopalians, the
United Church of Christ, the United Church of Canada, and many more.
You don't want to miss this opportunities to get your business in front of camp and conference center staff from so many denominations.
There are only 78 vendor spaces available, so don't wait to reserve your booth.


The Exibit Hall will be open all day on Wednesday, November 13, 2019.


Harrell Center at Junaluska Retreat Center in Lake Junaluska, North Carolina. Harrell Center is adjacent to the building used for all plenary gatherings.

Standard with every booth:

  • The space in the exhibit hall (approximately 8’w x 6’d) includes one six-foot table, three chairs, electricity access, and wireless internet access.
  • Day registration for Wednesday is provided for up to three exhibitors, which includes box lunches that day.
  • There will be a dessert reception on Wednesday. Conference participants who want something sweet after lunch will find it on tables in the exhibit hall.
  • There will also be a snack reception in the exhibit hall on Wednesday afternoon, if it is sponsored.
  • During the exhibit hall hours, conference participants can visit with the different vendors and get a special card stamped. Those who visit all of the booths will have their cards entered in a special drawing, which will take place on Wednesday evening. If an exhibitor doesn’t want to stamp cards at your booth, that is no problem. Only those exhibitors who choose to donate items (worth $50 or more) for this drawing will be part of this special card.
    • The companies and organizations will be mentioned in a special email that goes out to the participants before the conference. This includes their name, logo, and a link to their website.
    • The companies and organizations will appear on the exhibitor page of the conference website (with their logo, website link, and 50-word marketing statement).
    • The companies and organizations will receive a contact list of all conference participants two weeks prior to the event.

    During the registration process, each exhibitor will receive two (2) of the following three (3) opportunities with your booth purchase:

    (1) to pick their location in the exhibit hall OR

    (2) to have a business card-sized ad in the program book OR

    (3) to have a small banner ad in the conference app


Booth price is $1450 ($1305 for Business Members of UMCRM, PCCCA, LOM, ECCC, OMI, or OMA-UCC).

If your company is interested in an exhibit hall booth, please send your contact information to Joel Winchip at joel@pccca.net.

On February 4, business members of UMCRM, PCCCA, LOM, ECC, and OMA-UCC will receive a one-week “head start” on registration. Open registration begins on February 11. You will receive an email invitation to register if we have your contact information. Other sponsorship opportunities will be also be a part of the exhibitor brochure. If you are interested in Day Sponsorship, please check out the second page of this document.

If you have any questions about the exhibit hall, please contact Joel Winchip at  joel@pccca.net.

Half-Day and Full Day Sponsorships are also available.

This is an opportunity for your company to have a major role in the OMC Great Gathering (this event is fully described on the opposite side of this card). Your company will be featured prominently leading up to the conference and throughout the event - especially on your sponsored day.

What is included with a Day Sponsorship?

  • Your company’s name, logo, and website link will be featured prominently on the conference website and in the mobile app used during the event.
  • You receive a full-page ad in the conference program book.
  • On that day, the coffee station at the entrance of the main auditorium will include signage that indicates that it is sponsored by your company. There will also be room on the tables for your brochures and flyers.
  • On the sponsored day, your company’s name and logo will appear in the announcement slideshow as participants enter the morning plenary gathering. The slide will say, “We would like to thank <your company> for their sponsorship of this conference day.”
  • Before the plenary speaker, your company will have 5 minutes to speak to the entire conference. This can be done in person, through the use of a video, or both.
  • On the sponsored day, your company will have the option of setting up a booth in the back of main auditorium in order to connect with participants before and after the plenary session.
  • During the sponsored day (or at another time during the conference week), your company can offer a workshop session.
  • The evening snack on that day will include signage that indicates that it is sponsored by your company. There will also be room on the tables for your company’s brochures and flyers.
  • On the Tuesday of that week, there will be an exhibit hall with 78 booths. The price of a booth ($1,450) is included with the day sponsorship. You will also receive first pick as to your booth location within the exhibit hall.

What is the price for a Day Sponsorship?

The sponsorship of a full conference day (Monday or Wednesday) is $15,000. The sponsorship of a half day (Sunday or Tuesday) is $7,500.

How do I become a Day Sponsor?

If your company is interested in a day sponsorship, please send your contact information to Joel Winchip at joel@pccca.net. On January 28th, one company will be drawn randomly from this group. This company or organization will have 24 hours to choose their sponsorship day and to make an online deposit of $2,000 towards the total amount. Additional companies and organizations will be drawn randomly until all of the days have been purchased.

If you have any questions about Day Sponsorship, please contact Joel Winchip at joel@pccca.net.

To find out more about Sponsorships, please contact Joel Winchip at joel@pccca.net.